Emotional Balancing

Various Allergies: eczema, psoriasis, nuts, gluten, dairy


“At a very young age I developed an intolerance to gluten and had to cut all gluten products out of my diet. After only one session with David, I was able to introduce gluten back into my diet and have since been happily eating pasta, pizza, bread, and so much more without any reaction! It has been amazing to be able to go into restaurants and order any item off the menu. Thanks so much David!” ~ Jessica Newcomb, Santa Barbara, CA


“I was diagnosed with psoriasis and started having severe skin rashes having to take prednisone several times to alleviate the skin inflammation. I had an allergy test done that revealed I was allergic to many foods and pollen. I avoided the foods that I was allergic to and mentioned on the test but kept having rashes. I went to several doctors who were unsuccessful finding a solution to my dilemma. Then, I found David through Facebook, he was able to tell me foods I was eating that I was sensitive to and little by little reintroduce these foods. Within four session I noticed I stopped having the severe rashes. I will be forever grateful to David for how he has helped me and highly recommend him for anyone with allergies and skin conditions. He’s very caring, someone you can trust!” ~ Loretta B. Hollywood, FL


“David is amazing, and healed our little boy from severe eczema and food allergies!

My little boy had suffered from severe eczema since he was about 6 months old. His arms and legs were covered with hot, itchy rashes and he would wake from naps screaming and scratching at himself until he bled. It was horrible and heartbreaking to see as a mother, and there were a few times I literally had to hold him down to stop him from continuing to scratch, because his skin was so raw and bloody. I’d just hold him and cry with him as he would cry “Why is this happening to me Mommy?”. We tried so many things to figure out what was causing the eczema. All to no avail. It seemed like the closer we got, the further we got. It was agonizing.It wasn’t until we visited with David when our little boy was about 2 1/2 that we found the cause. He was allergic to lemon (and seemingly other fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin c content). While on the surface it seems like a minor offender, we came to realize that lemon is in so many things. It’s in organic body lotions, organic juices, vitamins, shampoos, soaps, cheeses, salad dressings, yogurt, breads, condiments, crackers, hummus, and is used as a natural preservative in many organic foods (citric acid, vitamin c, ascorbic acid, etc.), not to mention any fresh fruit or vegetable with high levels of vitamin c (he adores tomatoes, bell peppers, guavas, etc.). All it took was the tiniest amount of lemon to sneak in here and there. David healed our son through ISR. It took just one visit to completely RELIEVE him of his lemon allergy!! And the vitamin c intolerance in other fruits and vegetables disappeared as well. Within several days, eczema that had been covering his body for years had disappeared. A full glass of freshly squeezed lemon water confirmed that he was clear of his allergy, and no other eczema outbreaks have ever occurred. For the first time in years, he was able to wear short sleeved shirts and shorts (now that he wouldn’t be scratching himself raw and bloody), eat food at other people’s homes, and just be a normal kid. He no longer had to ask me if it was okay to eat something at a friend’s birthday party, and I didn’t have to come running if a friend offered him a bite of his snack. To this day, I’m still amazed. AMAZED.The other day he was kicking around a lemon that had fallen from one of our trees (boys will be boys). The juice was all over him, and he had been sucking on it prior to kicking it around like a soccer ball. I would have been thrown into a full panic 2 years ago, and he quickly would have been covered in a rash lasting months. But I just laughed and got to enjoy this silly moment with my boy. But the severity of this miracle never slips past me.Thank you so much David! We’re so grateful beyond words that we found you. You truly changed my little boys life, and gave him back a piece of his childhood. And thank you for helping our new baby girl. I feel so thankful that she won’t have to go through what her brother went through, and that we caught her allergies early on. To anyone that is bothered by allergies or intolerances, I truly recommend a trip to David. Many, many, many thanks!!”     ~ The Luis Family (Santa Barbara, California)

“I brought my daughter to see David Kennet when she was 6 years old, suffering from a persistent stuffy nose and covered with eczema breakouts that she was constantly scratching. Before seeing David we had tried the traditional allergist route, but it was traumatic and unsuccessful due to her young age and fear of the prong testing. David has a relaxed and playful attitude with kids that made her comfortable and willing to participate during the easy, nonthreatening holistic testing. It also helped tremendously that as her mother I could play a large role in her testing process. With David’s help, we were able to identify that my daughter had several food and pet allergies. After using David’s services and the holistic method, I immediately saw improvement in my daughter’s condition to the point where it was almost nonexistent. A year or so later when it appeared that her stuffy nose and a few small areas of eczema had returned this time for environmental allergies, I felt confident in returning to David’s office for additional services knowing that he would be able to help her. My daughter looked forward to the visit and we again found it to be a beneficial and pleasant experience. I would recommend David’s services without reservation. I took my daughter to David’s office with the attitude that we had nothing to lose and found that we had everything to gain. As a mother, it feels terrific when you hit on the exact right thing to help your child. Thank you, David!” ~ Samantha R., Santa Barbara, California


“My son, Daniel, has suffered eczema from birth, was diagnosed at 2 with severe nut allergies after a trip to the ER (we carry 2 EpiPens); he also has exasperating asthma that flares unexpectedly, an allergy related cough that persists just often enough to be annoying and is sensitive to dairy for a multitude of reasons. Daniel is 8 and last fall (2010), as he began 2nd grade he was also suffering from strange and persistent stomach cramps and lethargy that was disruptive to class and any playtime he tried to enjoy. He was due for his bi-annual blood labs to test his nut allergy and asthma so I mentioned these strange symptoms to the Dr. as well. The blood labs confirmed the highest pistachio intolerance the Dr. has seen to date along with all other nuts close in rank. In addition, a NEWLY confirmed gluten intolerance, dairy and soy intolerances. We were crushed. Poor Daniel has already been taking Zyrtec and Flovent inhaler puffs daily and Albuterol regularly for the annoying cough. In addition to tummy troubles and the lethargy, strange panic behaviors surfaced. He developed a horrible fear of being alone that he never had before, he never even asked to sleep in our beds as so many other children do. He would yell, “hello” every few minutes to be sure he wasn’t alone, it was very strange. His teacher was complaining nearly daily that Daniel yawned and complained of not sleeping well. Daniel was struggling with not enjoying pizza and sandwiches, we couldn’t find any glutton free options he enjoyed. I went back and forth with our complaints hoping he’d know what to do and tried switching him to Claritin and no inhaler. Daniel loosing focus and laying on the floor almost all the time was really bringing us all down, the diet restrictions didn’t help. We’re talking about a child that already makes so many healthy choices and is very careful to pass on anything that may contain nuts. Why was he being punished further? Desperate, I turned to Google and found David Kennet for holistic allergy approaches. Our Dr. said he felt this path was inappropriate but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. How was this completely non-invasive procedure going to hurt? I Emailed David and just the info I received in his initial communications made me feel I was on the right path. We’ve had great appointments with amazing results. The most difficult thing David asks of us is to be well hydrated, which is so crucial for the testing. Daniel loves to go and he has not been on Claritin or an inhaler since Nov. 2010. His eczema doesn’t exist at all. David was able to help Daniel with his panic, fear, gluten, dairy, soy and a handful of other things. There are no expensive supplements or strange rituals, it’s just a wonderful healing experience in a beautiful atmosphere looking out of the Santa Barbara waterline. I can’t tell you how happy and full of energy Daniel is, he’s on his bike until dark and enjoys all the wonderful things a healthy 8 year old should be, medicine free. So worth the experience. We look forward to another visit soon and I will be bringing my 14-year-old for attention deficit challenges. Everyone can benefit – so go and see David.”  ~ Lisa Miller, Santa Barbara, CA


“I had around ten months of respiratory bronchial problems. I saw a doctor, who suggested using an inhaler and allergy pills but I got no results. I then decided to see David who was able to confirm through muscle testing that I had a strong allergy to mold. After just one session with David, I got my energy back and breathing normal once again. My cough went away and I’m very pleased with David’s services.” ~ Rob – Vocational Specialist, Santa Barbara


Seasonal Allergies

“Upon our arrival to Santa Barbara, my 10 y.o. daughter and I started having problems due to pollen and dust allergies. Everyone I knew commiserated and said it was the downfall of living in this beautiful city. Thanks to David and ISR, we are now free from itchy nose, sinus pain and scratchy throat. For me, it worked right away, after the 1st session. For my daughter it took 2 sessions, but in both cases without the pain of shots or medication. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”    ~ Nancy Maldonado – Santa Barbara

“I had an intense allergic-reaction that lasted for days. I finally drove myself to the hospital and it was a complete waste of time. Lucky for me, David was able to do a house call and gave me a personal education session. All of my symptoms disappeared and I immediately felt like myself again.” ~ Maria Cocoros – Santa Monica, California

“For years I have been affected by allergies, mostly just in the springtime, but, when I moved from the South Orange County to inland Los Angeles, the flu symptoms, respiratory infections and exhaustion became a permanent condition.  I experienced endless blood testing, antibiotics and flu medications, and even emergency room visit attempt to cure my deteriorating condition – at age 27, and nothing seemed to work, and the doctors I saw couldn’t find anything really wrong with me.

Fortunately, in the midst of this I met David Kennet with Santa Barbara allergies who taught me about alternative methods he could use to help balance stressors in my life.  Through David, I learned about vitamin deficiencies, stomach issues, stressors and allergies that affected me, and through only two of his ISR sessions my conditions lifted.  I had the energy to finish a full work day, my flu symptoms were gone, my respiratory infections cleared and I was able to sleep better at night.  I would recommend SB Allergies to my friends with severe conditions or even season allergies or exhaustion, and am confident he will target their unique conditions and find the specific solution to improve their lives.” ~ Nikola H. – Los Angeles, California

“I am a resident of Santa Barbara who constantly suffered from severe seasonal allergies for the last five years. Unable to find an effective natural remedy, I had no alternative but to take zyrtec first thing every morning. When I heard about David’s service I thought it sounded a bit suspicious — a method that permanently removes allergy symptoms? Hmmm, really? However, David’s knowledge about allergies and straightforward, level-headed manner intrigued me just enough to decide to give it a try. After just one session I started feeling relief from my chronic sinus congestion and to my absolute amazement I was able to stop taking any more medication! It’s now been over 3 months and I’m happy to say that I’m still completely off allergy medicine. Thank- you, David!” ~ Michelle R. – Santa Barbara Resident

“I used to be plagued by all kinds of allergies and now, I can breathe better and I even got back my voice to sing, which I lost 18 years ago for so much coughing. David be blessed for doing what you do!” ~ Gladys Alva, Miami Fl


“David is an extremely intuitive, giving, and discreet healer. From our very first session he knew exactly what my body needed and “diagnosed” me with the same issues traditional western doctors had in the past. He intuited what to say and what not to say, what I was ready to release and what was too much, where and how to begin. When I first consulted David I was suffering from weekly migraines triggered by food sensitivities. After only a few sessions, I’m no longer getting the migraines and can finally eat gluten, wheat, bread, dairy, eggs, and enjoy so many foods that I couldn’t eat at all before without experiencing significant negative consequences. The sessions themselves are nothing short of amazing. Not only is David able to deliver the healing intentions deeply into the body using sound – his voice, drums and other instruments, but the feeling of the vibrations going into my body is incredible – definitely my favorite part of the sessions. Thank you David! It has been a pleasure and privilege to experience energy healing with you.” ~ Mirene Charles, Attorney (Miami, Florida)


Mosquito Bites

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been allergic to mosquito bites. Whenever my husband and I would go on vacation to a tropical place (our favorite types of destinations), I would be bitten by a mosquito as soon as I got off the plane. The bite would become inflamed, red and swollen and be about as large as a 50 cent piece. Since David treated me for my mosquito allergy, I’ve been bitten but the bite is very tiny and goes away quickly. I no longer have to photo shop the red patches from our vacation photos or take over the counter allergy medication to get relief. Go see David. You won’t regret it.” ~ Rina Murray, Encinitas, CA

Cat Allergies

“Around 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe cat allergy. The allergy affected my breathing, especially my sinuses. In order to feel better I was getting allergy shots every week, plus allergy pills and could not breathe freely without them. At those times when I stopped going for shots, symptoms got worse. 5 month ago, I started researching allergy cures online and found David. I contacted him and hoped that he could help but honestly felt a little resistant. After one session with David, I felt much much better and lighter. David muscle tested me for cat allergy after first session and told me that I was no longer sensitive to my cat. When I came home I decided to stop allergy shots. One month later, I made another appointment with David not because my symptoms came back but because it didn’t feel safe to just live without those shots, I had them weekly for 10 years!!! After my second session I was convinced my allergy symptoms to my cat were gone. I have let go of the allergy and stopped worrying about it coming back. It truly feels like a miracle that my cat allergy is gone!! Thank you David !!”  ~ Alexandra, Registered Nurse (Brooklyn, New York)

“All my life I have had an allergy to cats, some have affected me more than others. I was usually able to control it with homeopathic or natural supplements. My brother and his family love cats and usually had from 3 to 5 in their home. They live in a different city than I do and I would visit them a few times a year. About 5 years ago the allergy escalated from itchy eyes and sneezing to being almost asthmatic with tightened chest and difficulty in breathing. This made it very difficult to visit my brother as I was unable to control the allergy with anything that I tried and it meant that I had to keep my visits with the family very short and would spend the whole time feeling ill. After one session of ISR my cat allergy is gone! I was able to enjoy my Christmas visit with my brother and his family and even to pet the cats without experiencing any symptoms. Thank you, David!”            – Janis Haugh (Toronto, Canada)

“David Kennet got rid of two animal allergies for me. I basically found him off google after looking for a solution to a cat allergy. I was in need of a solution since my girlfriends and I were moving in together and she wasn’t going to get rid of her pride and joy. I emailed David and he confidently said that he could help me. Although I was skeptical I decided to give him a try. 

The session was very simple. He told me to bring hair from the cat I was having issues with and used acupressure points on my body to harmonize me with the hair.

Well two days later, I decided it was test to test it out. I picked up the cat and basically rubbed him on me. Nothing Happened! No reaction at all. This was amazing. Before I would get red eyes, stuffy nose, and worse of all horrible asthma. This was all the proof I needed. I realized that although this is not a common treatment it doesn’t mean it isn’t a effective one. I have sent several clients over to him with seasonal allergies and they had the same results.

If you any allergy at all contact David. He is very honest whether he will be able to help you or not.” ~ Charles T., Santa Barbara, CA

“David, thank you so much for the two amazing sound healing sessions, and ridding me of my allergies to my daughters animals! I had been quite concerned about visiting my daughters in Santa Fe, since my visits until now had been so difficult. I was allergic to my daughters’ cats and dogs, as well as the NM pollen. Your sound healing removed the animal allergies the very first session! When we checked at the next session, I no longer reacted to the animal hair. But the proof was in my being in the environment that had ‘done me in’ so many times before… and I had no reaction to the animals. I was comfortable and relaxed. My only allergic issue was with the New Mexico pollen, which was easily solved with a homeopathic solution that was NM specific. I had the best (and one of the longest) visit with my girls and was able to enjoy my beautiful granddaughters with no discomfort. What a blessing! Thank you!” ~ Marbeth Dunn (Miami, FL)


Seed Allergy

The first allergy treatment I received from David Kennet covered 5 foods and 2 emotions. The most important item that was addressed was sunflower seeds. I have a very low tolerance for sunflower seeds and would react to them with a swollen face and itchy rashes on all of my lymph nodes, as well as difficulty breathing. This would last for 6 hours and take about 2 days to completely go away.

A few days after my visit with David I was at a potluck. There was a plate of delicious home made crackers on the table, of which I ate at least a dozen. Once I had finished eating I realized that the main ingredient was sunflower seeds. At no time during the evening did I experience any of the usual discomforts or allergic reactions. This is a very pleasant change for me because sunflower seeds are a common ingredient in the types of food I like to eat, and now I can enjoy my food without having to worry about reacting to it. Thank you David! ~ Anthony Clark, Toronto, Canada

Dear David,

Thank you for the health assistance that you have provided to me over the past few years. Much of what you are doing is very subtle but the benefits are noticeable.

When I first came to you, blotches were forming on my skin, particularly on the inside of the forearms. One visit to you for dietary advice and frequency rebalancing resolved that problem. Much appreciated!

                                                                      – John Arciuch – Toronto, Canada


I am an insulin dependant diabetic and I began to react to my insulin shots. Now after being cleared of an insulin intolerance, my blood sugar levels are more stable and I no longer have any reactions to the insulin. ~ A. Clayton – Printing Design

Emotional Balancing and Addictions

“During my first session, I saw David as an effective healer.  He gave me the ability to control my cravings, rather than having them control me.  As a medical professional it is hard for me to understand his methods, but as a patient I can testify that they work.” ~ Hollie Villa, Registered Nurse

“I had been to see David for allergy treatment after a referral from my acupuncturist with great success. His technics are nothing like I have experienced before and the outcome was far superior to allergy shots, medications or in home air-filters. I then went to a couple of his soul sounding (healing by sound) sessions and heard him mention that with sound he is often able to change or break habits. I had started smoking about 6 months prior after quitting for years and didn’t want to be a smoker. I certainly had my doubts but after one session was a non smoker once again. I was ready to quit and believe David was the catalyst that allowed me to do so. If you have any habits you are ready to give up or change, I highly recommend working with David and being open to his treatment methods.”  ~ Michael N.. Santa Barbara, CA

“I highly recommend David’s services to just about anyone. David has eliminated several food sensitivities as well as dust allergies and more. Another item on my self-improvement list was to quit smoking after 30 years of the bad habit. After a session with David and a reinforcing acupuncture treatment, I am now tobacco free for the first time in years. Thanks David!!!”  ~ Robert C. Santa Barbara, CA

“I kept feeling like I was trapped underneath a glass ceiling where I could see the future I wanted on the other side, but I could never break through. I often expended vast amounts of energy trying to make the right emotional changes and read the latest books. David tested me for my emotional allergies; confidence, insecurity, gratitude, love…. things my body subconsciously couldn’t accept because of childhood experiences. For the past 8 years I had been trying to undo the first 23 years of emotional programming in my life. I felt like there were doors I had always wanted to open and walk through but in the past had been locked, David gave me the keys.” ~ Andrew M. Bache, Santa Barbara, California

“FIRST, a huge thank you David for your generational and family wide healing. SO powerful. Matt said later that night – “I had a lot of fun today, Mom. I really like the healing session – I liked that you were there, that you heard everything I wanted to say. I think I should go every four months.” And I already shared with you that right afterwards he said, “I feel less depressed, more joyful and RELIEVED!” I can’t even express my wonder and gratitude of the impact you had on my boy. And my Dad (86 yrs old) said he covered 90% of his life with you that day! It’s amazing the difference in my parents’ being when they walk out of the room.

“As I said to you, it’s like a year’s worth of therapy (along with so much more) in one session. I think about how therapy usually focuses on identification of issues & blocks, and if you are lucky, a bit of release. YOU do laser identification, release AND replacement with new, positive, potent energy. What a gift!”                          ~ Amy K. (Santa Barbara, California)


“David I just had to thank you again. Your treatment has changed my life! I have to admit I wasn’t so sure it was gonna work. It has been 3 months now and that gripping fear that lurked around most corners, that was paralyzing my everyday life, is totally gone! I am finally free! It is truly amazing how different things are for me. I remember you telling me before the treatment that “we were going to do something life changing!” You were so right! I can’t believe how easy it was too. I am truly grateful to you David! Thank you so much!”  ~ Michele L. (Massage Therapist) Santa Barbara, CA